Rest in Carpathians Ukraine

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  • Velvet Carpathians+ Lviv

    4950 грн

    Продолжительность: 4 days

    Транспорт: автобус, поезд

  • Climbing Hoverla

    2950 грн

    Продолжительность: 2 days

    Транспорт: пешеходная, автобус, поезд

    Даты выезда: 25.05.2024, 22.06.2024, 13.07.2024, 24.08.2024, 14.09.2024, 12.10.2024

  • Bukovel ski tour on weekdays

    3950 грн

    Продолжительность: 6 days

    Транспорт: автобус

  • Weekend in the Carpathians Bukovel + Dragobrat

    3700 грн

    Продолжительность: 5 days

    Транспорт: автобус

  • Rest in the Carpathians. Bukovel, Dragobrat, Yasinya, 7 days of skiing

    5450 грн

    Продолжительность: 9 days

    Транспорт: автобус

Rest in Carpathians at all times of the year.
In the eternal search for the perfect resort with beautiful edges, friendly people and great food every tourist, sooner or later discovers vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. Western Ukraine - a unique edge, beckoning wilderness scenery, beautiful national culture, rich history and magnificent architectural monuments. In addition to an excellent vacation in the Carpathian Mountains prices are minimal.
Tourist company «Ukrainian Tour» invites you to explore these wonderful places.
Tours Carpathian Mountains do not have seasons and off-season, each season, makes this region particularly beautiful and attractive to tourists. Therefore tours in Carpathian Mountains prices, depending on the occurrence of a given period, the change is insignificant.
Winter tours to the Carpathian Mountains as if transferred into a magic fairy land where all live according to ancient national ceremonies: Christmas carols, divination, gay schedrivky. The company «Ukrainian Tour» invites you to meet an unforgettable New Year and spend your best vacation in the Carpathian Mountains along with the enchanting tours: «New Year at the Hutsul region» and «Christmas and New Year in the Carpathians». A window into the modern world will be beautiful ski resorts in the European class - Bukovel, Dragobrat, etc., that fill the lives of its guests fantastic emotions and impressions from skiing, snowboarding and sledding. In truth, this is a fabulous vacation in the Carpathian Mountains with children, where one finds an interesting exercise for yourself and feel all the pleasures of winter.
Sightseeing tours in Carpathian Mountains - a window into medieval Ukrainian
No less interesting and rich tours in Carpathian Mountains in the autumn. Autumn in Western Ukraine the most controversial and inspirational time of year. Nature seemed to boast of its rich variety of dresses and colors his people generously ripe fruits and vegetables. This is the season when weekend in the Carpathian Mountains are an inspiration and a breath of new strength and energy after a hard work or school week. Horseback riding, wine tasting delicious national dishes and old master classes in needlework turn gloomy rainy autumn in a vivid enchanting, full of romance and inspiration time of year.
And what about weekend in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer! That's where the adventures begin! It's time to conquer the mountain peaks of the Carpathians - the mountains and Goverly superextreme our «Climb Hoverla». This tumultuous range of emotions and let the wave of adrenaline for a long time, recharge the natural serenity of nature!
Well, spring tours to the Carpathian Mountains of Kiev like awakening from a dream. Rushing mountain waterfalls, bright green meadows, the singing forest. It's time for new discoveries. The company «Ukrainian Tour» offers a magnificent tourist destinations to visit «Zakarpats'ka Voyage» and «Zakarpatska cuisine» and learn the best examples of medieval castle architecture Ukrainian.
The virgin nature of the Western Ukraine, its rich historical past and friendly people at any time of the year allow for holidays in the Carpathians cheap and on the highest level!