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  • The Jewish New Year

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Pilgrimage tours in Israel - a journey to where it all takes its meaning.
In today's bustling world is never enough peace of mind and balance, understanding - what is the meaning of life and joy of ordinary things around us. Away from the daily hustle and bustle and relax not only the body but also the thoughts will help pilgrimage tour.
has long pilgrimage tours from Kiev no longer be the prerogative solely for the deeply religious people. Many Christians, just going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, beginning to understand the great meaning and importance of religion, gain peace of mind and just enjoy the beauty and energy-rich center of the earth for three cultures.
Israel Pilgrimage tours open to pilgrims and tourists to the great wealth of history and of the Holy Land - a homeland for every Christian.
Pilgrimages to Jerusalem - a journey to the sacred center of the Earth.
Tourist Company «Ukrainian Tour» presents to visitors an unforgettable pilgrimages to Israel - a country which is associated with the salvation of the human race, the country where he was born, lived, left this world and raised the Lord Jesus Christ, the country, preserving religious shrines for people.
We understand with full responsibility that the pilgrimage to holy places is not only the coach, but also a sacred meaning, so prepare pilgrimages from Kiev to Jerusalem with great care so that each participant received a tour of the trip is what it is so long desired.
Going to pilgrimage tours to Jerusalem, you will be sure to visit the temple of the Holy Sepulcher, where you can touch the real center of the Christian world - a stone bowl, called «Navel of the Earth» to pray and offer my sincere thanks to the Lord.
Pilgrimage Tour in addition to Jerusalem, will necessarily include a visit to two other holy places - the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ and an angel appeared to the shepherds with the good news of the birth of the Savior, and Nazareth, where Jesus Christ spent his childhood and adolescence.
pilgrimage to Jerusalem - will be your spiritual cleansing, rest the body and the thoughts, the acquisition of inexhaustible happiness.
Going once, in such a journey, you will never be able to leave this employment, and even occasionally will indulge themselves and to perform pilgrimage tours to Greece, Georgia and other great countries, opening up the mysteries of existence and meaning of life.