Tours in Pochayev

  • Pochaev Lavra

    2290 грн

    Продолжительность: 2 days

    Транспорт: автобус

Pochaevskaya laurel tours and excursions

Tours in Pochaiv are designed for those who want peace of mind by visiting the holy places and enjoying the magnificent views of the city and monastery.

The tour begins with a visit to Pochaiv Laura. Pochayiv Lavra - is the second largest and the significance of the monastery on the territory of Ukraine and one of the greatest relics of the entire Orthodox world. According to legend, Pochaevskaya Laurel was founded in 1527 by monks who had fled from Kiev from Tatar raids. A little later the monastery received a gift from a local landowner Anna Goyskoy large land area and the main sanctuary - a miraculous image of Our Lady. It is said that the Virgin saved the monastery during the attack of the Tatars, having appeared in the sky and reflecting its strength all the arrows.

On the territory of the monastery is full of shrines. The miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, the rock on which the legend of the Virgin imprinted mark and is now out from under it beats the healing power, as well as relics of the saints of Job and Amfilohije.

Another place that attracts many pilgrims, is Source of St. Anna. It has its own history. According to her, on the ground that the source was a church that miraculously escaped during the raid of the Tatars. According to legend, she sank into the ground. Later in its place built another church in which there was an amazing icon of righteous Anna. The icon was transferred several times in the great temple, but the next day, she is again in its old location in the small church, arguing that it is a holy place. Since that time there appeared a source to which people are plunged after prayers to clear the mind and body. In the days of ardent atheist church was destroyed, and the source of falling asleep, but the water still made it to the outside. Now there stands a stone church nearby which is equipped with a deepening - Source of St. Anna. Women and men, adults and children, all dipped three times into the water at a temperature of six degrees in any season. Anyone can purchase for themselves and their families out of the water source, poured into plastic bottles.

Orthodox holy places have always attracted people to him, illuminating their souls and hearts. Every day in Pochaev Lavra and Source of St. Anna to the lake come the pilgrims to venerate relics, holy water to drink and wash it. Tours in Pochaiv - is an opportunity to fill himself with an inner light, proceeding from the grace of places, and learn new things.