Tours in Lviv

  • Romantic Lviv

    2990 грн

    Продолжительность: 2 days

    Транспорт: автобус

  • Velvet Carpathians+ Lviv

    5550 грн

    Продолжительность: 4 days

    Транспорт: автобус, поезд

    Даты выезда: 27.07.2024, 23.08.2024

Lviv - one of the most special cities in Ukraine. It seems that it is not any time laws, it is still filled with the atmosphere of antiquity, and the narrow streets seem to be fabulous. Arriving to the city you can just walk the streets at night and sit in one of the many small coffee shops, but to fully explore the city you can only visit his memorial site. To do this, and there are tours in Lviv.
In Lviv survived tremendous architectural, literary and musical heritage. In order to cover everything, not enough for a month. So start with a better overview tours in Lviv. During this walk the city streets on booming guests will see the iconic religious buildings belonging to different faiths. Monasteries, churches, cathedrals, and all - the most beautiful architectural monuments. Market - the medieval city center. Here, guests show Town Hall, the residence of Polish kings and bishops, telling interesting stories, devoted to these places.
An interesting segment Excursions in Lviv is called «space over an underground river». The route passes along the street in the center which in ancient times the river flowed Poltva. When people began to develop the city, the river, they hid under the ground. In this part tours in Lviv there are historical monuments of different periods. A monument to Adam Mtskevichu, a monument to Taras Shevchenko Opera House, which is one of the most important ornaments of the city. It affects the beauty of the architectural ensemble scenes halls.
Travel along the central avenues lead to the Mari area. It is surprisingly beautiful sculpture of the Virgin Mary, to whom they pray and Catholics, and Orthodox. In the immediate vicinity of the square stands the house where he was born writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the famous inventor of «masochism». Fans can thrill to visit this dedicated «Masoch café»pepper vodka taste and feel the blows of the whip.
For those few simple sightseeing tour, there are themed tours in Lviv. This car ride to Jewish places of the city, visiting the Jewish Quarter and the monuments to Holocaust victims, and visit most of the grand castles of Lviv, and even visit the school of painting Easter eggs. Everyone will find acceptable option and is unlikely to regret the time spent.