Лучшие предложения от Ukrainian Tour

  • Askania-Nova (2 days)

    We will visit the unique places of Kherson region, the Askania Nova biosphere reserve and the Arabat Spit - the longest spit in Europe! And the sacred place, the reserve "Stone Tomb" - "Ukrainian Stonehenge."

    2500 грн
  • Askania-Nova, Sivash and Stone Tomb

    During the three days of the tour, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places in our South: the Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve, a boat trip on the Sivash, Rest in the Arabatsk Terms and the Ukrainian «Stonehenge» mystical traces, the creation of which stretches far into the past.

    3600 грн
  • Azov breeze and pearls of the Ukrainian steppe

    Endless Steppe Askaniyskoy ... Awesome as the sea, swam silvery silken waves to the horizon. Reserve Askania Nova excursion into the past. Ukrainian Tour Travel company offers tours in Askania Nova - a unique biosphere reserve of global importance! Feel the breath of freedom, boundless steppe which was never touched by the plow (once dug steppe never to return), discover a different world!

    5690 грн
  • Chernivtsi-Kamianets-Podilskyi-Khotyn

    During our tour You will see the "Little Paris" - Chernivtsi, "Flower on stone" - Kamenetz-Podolsk, one of the most inaccessible and impressive fortresses in Eastern Europe - Hawtin!

    1650 грн
  • Chernovtsy Valley and tulips

    A wonderful weekend tour to the amazing city of Ukraine-Chernivtsi, with a visit to the tulip valley, will give you unforgettable and vivid impressions. And also in the program of the tour you will visit equestrian club «Bukovynskaya Troy».

    1490 грн
  • Mysterious Volhynia

    Invite You to go on mystical places of Ukraine. In the program, You will not only learn about the lives of witches and wizards and take part in mysterious rites, and learn sacred knowledge.

    3300 грн
  • Chigirin, Saturday, Cold Jar

    We invite you to experience the history of the Cossacks, to visit the first capital of the Hetman state in Chigirin. Visit Elias Church in the village Saturday. And also take a stroll on a mystical place - Cold Yar, with the ability to touch the very old oak tree.

    790 грн
  • Baturin - Hetman's Capital

    Revived now Hetman's Capital invites you to look at the luxury Palace Razumovsky, the uniqueness of the archaeological museum and the power of a Cossack fortress.

    700 грн
  • Chernigov - the Northern capital of Ukraine

    Informative excursion to Chernigov - the Northern capital of Ukraine. While walking around Chernigov, you will learn the history of the Ancient Val, the House of Mazepa, the Transfiguration and Borisoglebsky Cathedrals, the Chernigov Collegium, the Yeletsky Znamensky Women's Monastery, the Chornaya Mogila mound and many other interesting places.

    490 грн
  • The tradition of granite shores

    We invite you to go to places of Ukrainian Switzerland! We will visit the picturesque places of Korostyshev, of incredible beauty granite rocks. We will admire the views from the bridge to the Zhytomyr Canyon, and enjoy a walk along the atmospheric streets of Zhytomyr. And wish we’ll stop by on a visit to the village of Denishi, a famous place among rock climbing enthusiasts.

    650 грн
  • The flooded Church and the Dnieper slopes

    Picturesque places in the Kiev region, will enchant you with its beauty! You will be fascinated by the panorama of the Dnieper with Prince Spire. A water walk by Kanevsky reservoir to the «flooded» the Church, energize you.

    890 грн
  • Excursion to stud+Bukskii canyon

    We invite you to go with us to the Cherkasy region, where the Buksky rocky canyon, famous throughout Ukraine, is located, one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. After walking along the canyon, we will visit the Zhashkovsky stud farm, where we will see a modern stable, learn about horse breeding, and also have plenty of conversation with horses, do not forget to take treats, because horses love apples, carrots and sugar so much!

    720 грн
  • On the south Kyevschynы (Buki-Parhomovka-Fastov)

    We go to the South of the Kiev region, namely, we will visit: Sakura Island, Buki, Fastov and Parkhomovka. Each of these places is special in its own way. In Fastov we will see a Catholic church - the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and in Parkhomovka - the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. And in the end - Buki, we are waiting for a beautiful Landscape Park, a mini zoo with its inhabitants.

    690 грн
  • Castle Radomysl + Berdichev

    Short trip to the Castle Radomysl, introduces us to the history of a castle. The castle is located in a nature park. But not only this famous castle, here is the only in the world collection of home icons, which has about 5,000 exhibits.

    790 грн
  • From berditchev to Balzac

    Did you know that the famous French novelist and playwright Honore de Balzac, who became famous for the series of novels and stories «The Human Comedy», once lived in Ukraine, namely in the Gansky estate in the village of Verkhovnya! And the wedding with her beloved Countess Evelina Ganskaya took place in the modest Berdichev church of St. Barbara! We invite you to plunge into the age of Honore de Balzac.

    760 грн
  • Mezhrechensky Park + Park «Beremitskoe»

    Would you like to relax from the noisy city and enjoy the solitude with nature? Not so far from Kyiv, is the area untouched, wildlife - Mezhrechensky Park. You will visit the Museum of Forest harvesting, tasting of liquors. Walk along the eco-trail, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the locals and nature. A delicious picnic and more.

    690 грн
  • Aktov Canyon and the Miguya Thresholds

    Buzhsky Gard - picturesque valley of the Southern Bug, which occupies 6,000 hectares, runs through 5 districts of the Mykolayiv region, territorially includes several canyons, tracts, beams and islands.

    2850 грн
  • Zalishchiki, Chortkov, Buchach

    We bring to your attention, little-known places in Ukraine, namely: Chortkov, Zalishchyky, Chervonogradsky Castle, Dzhurinsky Falls, Buchach.

    2190 грн