Лучшие предложения от Ukrainian Tour

  • Baturin - Hetman's Capital

    Revived now Hetman's Capital invites you to look at the luxury Palace Razumovsky, the uniqueness of the archaeological museum and the power of a Cossack fortress.

    650 грн
  • Chigirin, Saturday, Cold Jar

    We invite you to experience the history of the Cossacks, to visit the first capital of the Hetman state in Chigirin. Visit Elias Church in the village Saturday. And also take a stroll on a mystical place - Cold Yar, with the ability to touch the very old oak tree.

    790 грн
  • Chernigov - the Northern capital of Ukraine

    Tour to Chernigov - Northern capital of Ukraine will open you the secrets of ancient Russia, the ancient Vala, the House of Mazepa, the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral, Boris and Gleb Cathedral, Kolegiuma, Monument Khmelnitsky, Pyatnitskaya Church, the Black Grave, Boldin mountains, Mound ambulatory, and Trinity Cathedral many other interesting places.

    490 грн
  • Amenity necklace Chernigov

    Ukraine is famous for its parks, and Chernihiv region is no exception. Our path lies in «Kachanivka» which includes luxurious aristocratic mansion, located in a rare natural beauty. Next we visit the beautiful arboretum "Trostianets", one of the greatest landscape parks in Ukraine.

    850 грн
  • Dendro Alexandria + Biopark Golden Pheasant

    Park «Alexandria» strikes a harmonious combination of the works of nature and human hands. Glade with centuries-old oak host smoothly into the flower beds; thickets of exotic plants are inferior court with a colonnade «Echo» that has unique acoustic characteristics; streams with waterfalls in the canyons flow into the lake with swans and ducks. Such combinations in the park «Alexandria», at every turn of the path. Next, we go to the Golden Pheasant Biopark!

    590 грн
  • Sofiyivka park, Uman

    You will learn about the main attractions of the park Sofiyivka, monuments and sculptures, myths and legends that come alive in its natural landscapes. Feel the wonderful park «Sofiyivka» Uman, as it continues to beat the heart of beautiful Sofia, passionately, devotedly in love with her Count Stanislas Potocki, as it continues to live in their love.

    850 грн
  • Weekend in Vinnitsa (2 days by bus)

    Two-day bus tour from Kiev to Vinnitsa on the Laser show! And also in the program of the tour, a walk around Zhitomir, visiting the Monastery of the bare Carmelites, «Werwolf» - the rate of Adolf Hitler and much more!

    1890 грн
  • Сastles of Volyn

    During the tour we will visit many famous places of Ukraine: State Historical and Cultural Reserve «Jail» Dubno Castle, Tarakanovskiy Fort , Castle Westminster (Lutsk castle) and more. But perhaps the highlight of the tour is a little known love-tunnel is a living tunnel in the form of the ideal proportions of the arch, which consists of trees and shrubs that are woven together.

    2300 грн
  • Poltava dumplings

    Our guided tour begins with a stroll through the glorious city, Poltava. You will see amazing monument of «Poltava Galushka», visit the places Poltavka battle. Moving to a farm near Dikanka, you will find yourself in a place where was filmed the tale of «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka». Next, we're moving to S. a. - the capital of Ukrainian pottery. And in the end we'll go home". gogolevo here he grew up, here he was repeatedly returned throughout his life.

    2650 грн
  • Romantic Podillia: Kamyanets, Bakota, Khotin, Crystal Cave

    We invite you to visit the lands of Podillya. You will visit the beautiful city of Kamyanets-Podolsk. You will see one of the most picturesque places on the banks of the Dniester - Bakota. The beauty of nature will amaze you. Then we go to Khotin, where we will visit the Khotin fortress.

    2730 грн
  • Mysterious Volhynia

    Invite You to go on mystical places of Ukraine. In the program, You will not only learn about the lives of witches and wizards and take part in mysterious rites, and learn sacred knowledge.

    3300 грн
  • Castles and churches of Podillya

    On the tour «Castles and temples of Podillia», you will visit the State Historical and Cultural Reserve «Samchiks», Starokonstantinovka, the Church of St. John the Baptist, Medzhybizh Castle, the ruins of the Letychiv Castle, the Khmelnitsky Palace of Count Ksido and Berdichev with the visit to the Monastery-Fortress of the Barefoot Carmelites.

    2100 грн
  • Shevchenko-Tur (Moryntsi, Shevchenkove, Kano)

    One day tour from Kiev to the small Motherland of the great poet and writer Shevchenko Taras Hryhorovych. During the tour You will visit: Moryntsi, Cherkasy and Kaniv.

    790 грн
  • Excursion to stud+Bukskii canyon

    We invite You to go with us in the Cherkasy region, namely in the village Buki, where is well-known all over Ukraine Buksky canyon rock, one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. After exploring the canyon, we will visit Zhashkiv stud farm, where we'll see modern stables, learn about the breeding of horses, and plenty of talk with horses, don't forget to bring treats, because horses love apples, carrots and sugar !

    680 грн
  • The tradition of granite shores

    We invite you to go to places of Ukrainian Switzerland! We will visit the picturesque places of Korostyshev, of incredible beauty granite rocks. We will admire the views from the bridge to the Zhytomyr Canyon, and enjoy a walk along the atmospheric streets of Zhytomyr. And wish we’ll stop by on a visit to the village of Denishi, a famous place among rock climbing enthusiasts.

    590 грн
  • Mezhrechensky Park + Park «Beremitskoe»

    Would you like to relax from the noisy city and enjoy the solitude with nature? Not so far from Kyiv, is the area untouched, wildlife - Mezhrechensky Park. You will visit the Museum of Forest harvesting, tasting of liquors. Walk along the eco-trail, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the locals and nature. A delicious picnic and more.

    690 грн
  • The flooded Church and the Dnieper slopes

    Picturesque places in the Kiev region, will enchant you with its beauty! You will be fascinated by the panorama of the Dnieper with Prince Spire. A water walk by Kanevsky reservoir to the «flooded» the Church, energize you.

    850 грн
  • Forgotten castles of Zhytomyr region + Kazatin

    Berdichev is a city that will open for you a world of unforgettable architectural gems of Ukraine, which you might not even know about: the Monastery of Discalced Carmelites, St. Nicholas Cathedral and the Church of St. Barbara. And in the city of Kazatin, there is a unique architectural monument - the Kazatinsky railway station, which is called the "White Steamer". And the main highlight of the tour is the Tereshchenko Palace in Chervon and the Berzhinsky-Tereshchenko Palace in Andrushevka. The rich history of these architectural creations will not leave you indifferent!

    790 грн