Лучшие предложения от Ukrainian Tour

  • Ghosts of Dubno and Basalt Pillars - Tour to Rivne

    New season! Mysterious and unexplored Ravenschina. In the program of the tour: Dubenskiy Fort. Visit Duben Castle, where the evening medieval show will take place. Walk around the city, Rovno with a visit to the amber museum. Excursion to Yanovuyu Valley, here are the famous Basalt pillars.

    2690 грн
  • Business cards of Transcarpathia: Kosino, Sinevir, Mukacheve

    We are met by Transcarpathia: the deepest lake Sinevir, thermal waters Kosino with European service, tasting of Transcarpathian wines in the ancient basement, visiting the only rehabilitation center of brown bears in the Carpathians and magnificent castles.

    2690 грн
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Brest

    Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a miraculously preserved area of the virgin primeval forest of Europe with the richest flora and fauna where the largest population of bison lives!

    2199 грн
  • Velvet Carpathians

    A week-long tour of the «Velvet Carpathians», allows You to enjoy the splendor of the Carpathians. The Carpathian mountains are - clean air, great climate, great cuisine, picturesque countryside, which is breathtaking!

    4680 грн
  • Transcarpathian trip

    Our trip will start from Uzhgorod. Uzhgorod amazes everyone with its beauty and originality. We will visit the famous Nevitsky castle and visit the magnificent architectural ensemble of the Uzhgorod castle. Visit the coast, where you will have the possibility to bathe in thermal springs. Mukachevo - one of the most interesting objects Palanok castle and Hunting Shenborn castle. And many other things in the tour «Transcarpathian voyage».

    5200 грн
  • Askania-Nova, biruchiy island and Stone Grave

    Three days tour You will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places of our South: biruchiy island, Askania-Nova, Arabat spit and the Ukrainian «Stonehenge» the mystical traces of which stretch far into the past

    3350 грн
  • Weekend in Vinnitsa (2 days by bus)

    Two-day bus tour from Kiev to Vinnitsa on the Laser show! And also in the program of the tour, a walk around Zhitomir, visiting the Monastery of the bare Carmelites, «Werwolf» - the rate of Adolf Hitler and much more!

    1570 грн
  • Transcarpathian weekend

    Wine tour in Transcarpathia, will give you the opportunity to get to know the unique tastes of the most famous and worthy wines of Transcarpathia. And of course, we recommend that you try the Transcarpathian cuisine, the taste of treats that no chef in the world will be able to repeat, since cooking dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine has been honed for centuries!

    1290 грн
  • Park romance (Uman + Alexandria)

    Ukraine, amazingly beautiful country, richly endowed by nature and history. And every corner is unique in its own way. We invite you to two of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine dendrological: Sophia Park and Alexandria.

    1355 грн
  • Excursion to the Museum of missile forces

    Museum of missile troops - is fighting the starting position with the silo-launcher, the missile command center, ground equipment and a variety of support mechanisms that have been preserved here in its original form.

    990 грн
  • Shevchenko-Tur (Moryntsi, Shevchenkove, Kano)

    One day tour from Kiev to the small Motherland of the great poet and writer Shevchenko Taras Hryhorovych. During the tour You will visit: Moryntsi, Cherkasy and Kaniv.

    790 грн
  • Chigirin, Saturday, Cold Jar

    We invite you to experience the history of the Cossacks, to visit the first capital of the Hetman state in Chigirin. Visit Elias Church in the village Saturday. And also take a stroll on a mystical place - Cold Yar, with the ability to touch the very old oak tree.

    850 грн
  • Sofiyivka park, Uman

    You will learn about the main attractions of the park Sofiyivka, monuments and sculptures, myths and legends that come alive in its natural landscapes. Feel the wonderful park «Sofiyivka» Uman, as it continues to beat the heart of beautiful Sofia, passionately, devotedly in love with her Count Stanislas Potocki, as it continues to live in their love.

    680 грн
  • Park romance (Uman + Alexandria)

    Ukraine, amazingly beautiful country, richly endowed by nature and history. And every corner is unique in its own way. We invite you to two of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine dendrological: Sophia Park and Alexandria.

    1355 грн
  • The tradition of granite shores

    Korostyshevsky quarry, walk in Zhytomyr and Denishi ... Zest of the tour is incredible beauty granite rocks!

    650 грн
  • Amenity necklace Chernigov

    Ukraine is famous for its parks, and Chernihiv region is no exception. Our path lies in «Kachanivka» which includes luxurious aristocratic mansion, located in a rare natural beauty. Next we visit the beautiful arboretum "Trostianets", one of the greatest landscape parks in Ukraine.

    790 грн
  • The flooded Church and the Dnieper slopes

    Picturesque places in the Kiev region, will enchant you with its beauty! You will be fascinated by the panorama of the Dnieper with Prince Spire. A water walk by Kanevsky reservoir to the «flooded» the Church, energize you. As we learn the story of Bukrin bridgehead memorial site of the terrible tragedy during the Second world war!

    750 грн
  • Polesskaya Khata

    Just 100 kilometers from Kiev in the village of Gorodskoy, Korostyshevsky District, there is a cultural and art center and museum "Polesskaya Khata", created to get acquainted with the life of the Ukrainian Polesye.

    790 грн