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  • Magic Portugal

    Bus Tour «Magic Portugal »,is a great opportunity to visit not only Portugal, but also countries such as: Poland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain. In Austria, you will visit a city that can be called the "heart" of the Alps - Salzburg. In France, we can enjoy a walk in Lyon and Bordeaux. Spain, we will give a walk in Madrid and Zaragoza. Portugal is a country with a rich history, excellent culture, numerous medieval cities and magnificent landscapes. We will be on tour for 6 days in Portugal and therefore we will not miss the opportunity to visit the most interesting corners of the country: Guimaraes, Aveiro, Tomar, Fatima. And also look at the ocean in Nazar and at the Cape of the Rock of Wind. Listen to the soulful Fado with a glass of good Portuguese wine.

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  • Secrets of Portugal and Spain

    Ah, Portugal, a country that does not look like a single European country. Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Port is the oldest city, as well as the former capital of Portugal. And Sintra is the city of palaces. But not only Portugal will delight us with its hospitality, we will open our doors before us, a wonderful neighbor of Portugal –Spain, where we walk through amazing Madrid. And in the end we'll stop short in Italy!

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  • Romantic Lviv

    Comfortable bus tour to Lviv from Kiev. It is a romantic, cozy and beautiful European city that captivates travelers from all over Ukraine and beyond. Lviv is paved streets, fragrant coffee, incredible sweets and cafes, mysterious local legends and beautiful architecture. A tour to Lviv is a secret dungeon, mystical stories, as well as traditions and stories that have developed over the centuries.

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  • Sea adventures off the coast of Italy

    New season! An exciting trip to Italy with a vacation on the Adriatic coast with two meals a day at the resort. If you have long dreamed of combining a relaxing beach holiday with an interesting excursion program, then there is definitely no better trip! On the tour you will have the opportunity to visit: Grotta Gigante and Tries cave, Miramar Castle, looking out to sea. Lake Garda! A city on the water - Venice, the capital of romantics and lovers - Verona, a symbol of the Renaissance - Florence and much more.

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  • In a fit of Spanish delight. Vacation at sea

    6 excursions are already included in the tour price !!! According to Milan and San Remo, Barcelona, Nice, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria and Ljubljana. The most comfortable tour, without night crossings! Holidays at sea 7 nights in Spain, the resort of Lloret de Mar, meals, breakfast and dinner!

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  • Fantastic edge of Montenegro

    Montenegro, a small mountainous country, beautiful neighbor Croatia, winner of the miracle of nature. Do you have a great opportunity to not only rest on the sea but also a beautiful place to visit: Boka Kotorska bay, Monastery Ostrog, Skadar Lake, and more.

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  • Weekend in Germany

    We leave for Germany - a country with a rich historical past. We will go through the streets of the capital of Germany-Berlin. We will visit the Charlottenburg Palace and the Pergamon Museum, San Susi Park and the Cecilienhof Palace. And also the Berlin Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Europe.

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  • Sunny Italy

    Tour to sunny Italy with a rest on the sea in Rimini. On the way to the resort we will visit the port city - Trieste, which will surprise us with the peculiarities of the combination of three cultures. Moving to the Adriatic coast. We have been resting at sea for five days! Every day we have the opportunity to visit interesting cities by joining excursions. We will have the opportunity to visit the "dwarf" state of San Marino, enjoy the charm of Florence, see the famous fall tower in Pisa, and visit the culinary capital of Italy - Bologna. And of course, what a trip to Italy can do without a trip to Venice, which is one of the business cards of this incredibly beautiful country. We return home in Hungary, where at the end of the route you can once again relax in the thermal baths of Egerszalok.

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  • Adventure kings Disneyland, Europe Park, Energyland, Tatralandia Water Park

    You are fans of extreme, want to recharge your adrenaline and good mood, relax from weekdays, spend a good time? We invite you to a fairy tale of entertainment and positive. The best parks in Europe are waiting for you: the amusement park Efteling is the largest amusement park in the Benelux, Europe Park in Germany, Park Asterix in France, and of course Disneyland. You have a unique opportunity to visit the most picturesque cities of Europe!

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  • Transcarpathian trip

    Our journey will begin with Uzhgorod. Uzhgorod amazes everyone with its beauty and originality. We will visit Beregovo and Veliatino, where you will have the opportunity to swim in the thermal springs. Mukachevo is one of the most interesting sites of Palanok Castle. And much more on the Transcarpathian Voyage tour.

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  • Hello Barcelona

    Spain, a country which is not possible to forget! Barcelona is a city of paints, which in your memory for a long time will leave pleasant memories. You will visit the most famous places in Barcelona. Next you will visit the Principality of Monaco is a tiny state, the main attraction of which is the most famous casino of Monte Carlo. We will also visit Italy: Milan is the fashion capital!

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  • Castle Radomysl + Berdichev

    Short trip to the Castle Radomysl, introduces us to the history of a castle. The castle is located in a nature park. But not only this famous castle, here is the only in the world collection of home icons, which has about 5,000 exhibits.

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  • Cool cities: Dresden + Prague + Krakow

    Weekend tour Cool cities: Dresden + Prague + Krakow, will give you an unforgettable impression and a great mood!

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  • Park romance (Uman + Alexandria)

    Ukraine, amazingly beautiful country, richly endowed by nature and history. And every corner is unique in its own way. We invite you to two of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine dendrological: Sophia Park and Alexandria.

    1355 грн
  • The tradition of granite shores

    We invite you to go to places of Ukrainian Switzerland! We will visit the picturesque places of Korostyshev, of incredible beauty granite rocks. We will admire the views from the bridge to the Zhytomyr Canyon, and enjoy a walk along the atmospheric streets of Zhytomyr. And wish we’ll stop by on a visit to the village of Denishi, a famous place among rock climbing enthusiasts.

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  • Amenity necklace Chernigov

    Ukraine is famous for its parks, and Chernihiv region is no exception. Our path lies in «Kachanivka» which includes luxurious aristocratic mansion, located in a rare natural beauty. Next we visit the beautiful arboretum "Trostianets", one of the greatest landscape parks in Ukraine.

    850 грн
  • The flooded Church and the Dnieper slopes

    Picturesque places in the Kiev region, will enchant you with its beauty! You will be fascinated by the panorama of the Dnieper with Prince Spire. A water walk by Kanevsky reservoir to the «flooded» the Church, energize you. As we learn the story of Bukrin bridgehead memorial site of the terrible tragedy during the Second world war!

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  • Azov breeze and pearls of the Ukrainian steppe

    Endless Steppe Askaniyskoy ... Awesome as the sea, swam silvery silken waves to the horizon. Reserve Askania Nova excursion into the past. Ukrainian Tour Travel company offers tours in Askania Nova - a unique biosphere reserve of global importance! Feel the breath of freedom, boundless steppe which was never touched by the plow (once dug steppe never to return), discover a different world!

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