Тур «Chigirin, Saturday, Cold Jar»

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28 July 2024, 24 August 2024, 21 September 2024, 12 October 2024

Продолжительность: 1 day

Транспорт: автобус

Tour program:

  • Tour of the Reserve Chigirin
  • Elias Church
  • Excursion to Cold Jar
  • Visit to the Holy Trinity convent Motroninskogo

08.00 Departure from Kiev by bus.

We invite you to visit the glorious city Chigirin - a city of glorious Cossacks, freedom-loving people! In the XVII century. Chigirin - the first capital of the Hetman state. The city has preserved the memory of the most famous Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. During the tour of the reserve you will see «Chigirinsky Historical Museum», we rising to Stone Mountain, which overlooks the giant monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Moving with Saturday. The village has an interesting past Saturday. In the XVII century. Saturday was the name and residence of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. In 1953, on the other side of the Hetman's palace was built Elias Church - an outstanding landmark of the XVII century. For evidence of the chronicles in 1657 buried in her famous hetman.

Dinner. You never had dinner in the museum? No? With us you will have the opportunity

After dinner, sip a little water you can from the three wells dug, as is known from the legend, by order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in memory of the fallen in the battle of the Cossacks!

Next we go to Cold Yar, which has a rich history. Here reigns a mystical atmosphere! It is from these forests due to the insurgency - Koliivshchina. What is the reason that name, and who is Maxim Zheleznyak you learn from the tour, a walk on Cold Yar. By the end of the tour - visit to the Holy Trinity Motroninskogo nunnery. As well as the opportunity to touch the giant oak-Zheleznyak, age of the tree for more than 1000let (height 30 meters in diameter and almost 9!)
We touched the history of our ancestors, but - it's time to go home!


The price includes:

  • Bus service on the route
  • Excursions Program
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Lunch
  • Insurance

The price does not include:

  • Personal expenses.