Тур «Azov breeze and pearls of the Ukrainian steppe»

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Продолжительность: 5 days

Транспорт: автобус


Video Journey to Askania Nova:
Endless Steppe Askaniyskoy ... Awesome as the sea, swam silvery silken waves to the horizon. Reserve Askania Nova excursion into the past.
Attention! Tourist company «Ukrainian Tour» included in the program one of the most mysterious places in Ukraine - Reserve Stone Tombs!
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Recommended train from Kiev to Novoalekseevka - 222 K
Recommended train from Melitopol in Kiev - 40 P
Reserve Askania Nova tour (prodlzhitelnost 3:00)
Ornitopark Reserve Askania Nova
Dendro Reserve Askania Nova
Photo safari in Askania Nova (prodlzhitelnost 1:00)
Arbatskaya arrow rest (visit the source of bromine sodium chloride water)
Reserve Stone Grave 'energy Mecca "of Ukraine! (Seen only from September to May)
1 day
Arriving in Novoalekseevka to 7:00. Meeting with the guide of the group. Check out the reserve Askania Nova. En route we stop for lunch at the cafe.
Reserve Askania Nova - located on the left bank of the lower Dnieper and the endless flat as the sea, vast steppes Tavria. Totally real, amazingly bright colorful rug wildly blooming steppe forbs - space filled with the intoxicating aroma of ... Here there is a breath of antiquity - the legendary Scythian. Reserve Askania Nova saves valuable gene pool of indigenous plants and animals of the steppe south of Ukraine. Here for the first time in the world was introduced Przewalski horse, here are derived first in the world zebroidy, bison and other hybrids. Wild animals live in large herds here in the vast steppe grasslands. You will see a thermophilic bantengi, zebra, African buffalo, eland, wildebeest, sitatunga, impala, ostrich, Przewalski's horse, wild ass, maned sheep, buffalo kaffir, screw-horned goat, zebra Grevy's, mountain goose, Sukhonos, red-breasted goose, flamingos and more than 5500 Rare species!
Ornitopark - present feathered kingdom with large picturesque ponds, streams, islands. Very beautiful sight is a densely populated bird Askaniyskoy ponds. Huge flocks of ducks, Ogar, karolinok, musk ducks from the delta of the Amazon live here close-knit family.
Dendro Reserve Askania Nova - the first on the European continent large irrigated park, created in the arid steppe. Back in 1899 on the Paris World Exhibition, he was awarded a gold medal.
After an amazing dinner in the cafe - you craps on this photo safari *. The camera is optional!
Continuation of the tour - Arbat Arrow Rest - on the longest coastal sand spit in Europe. World fame, which brought the wide sandy beaches from 270 m to 7.1 km and stretches for 100 km! Washed on the Sea of ​​Azov and the rare earth on the lake Sivash Arbat direction, creates a unique microclimate that is not repeated anywhere else on the planet. Sources of iodine-bromine sodium chloride water of high salinity (valuable in its properties) are treated diseases of the nervous system, skin diseases, musculoskeletal, vascular and endocrine diseases. Be sure to dive into the unique sources, bring a bathing accessories.
Accommodation in the private hotel on the shores of the Sea (2-3-seater comfort room.)
Dinner with stunning sea views.
Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel again and magical adventure, you will go to visit this Amazon!
The most unique country on Earth called Aratta. You will see ancient petroglyphs, from which perhaps was written "bible"! You will feel the "miracle of nature" marked on his map a great commander Alexander Suvorov. Reserve Stone Tombs - a mystical place, there were shrines Cimmerians, Scythians, Huns, Goths, Khazars and Polovtsy, through the centuries has carried Preserve Stone Grave secrets and their enormous energy of the cosmos. Place, covered with legends and true historical facts - it's Preserve Stone Grave 'energy Mecca "of Ukraine!
After visiting the fascinating nature reserve, dinner - and the departure of Melitopol. Departure for home (after 17:00).
But if you want to continue the rest. We suggest you stay on Arbat Arrow rest on the shore of the Azov Sea. We will provide excellent service, entertainment, delicious food is included in the price of the stay!
Unique Arbatskaya arrow rest on a sandy beach under the warm "Arbat" sun and swimming in the warm sea, breathing in the pure sea air ... Ensures good health and spirits until the next trip.

Tourist company «Ukrainian Tour» has the right to change the order of the tour or change the travel sites at equal value.