Тур «Excursion to Chernobyl (2 days)»

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Продолжительность: 1 day

Транспорт: автобус

Application to visit the Chernobyl zone is served at least 10 days prior to arrival


  • 08:00 - Departure from Kiev to Chernobyl zone
  • 10:00 - Arrive at the gate «Dityatki» (the first checkpoint on the border of a 30-km zone of Chernobyl). Verification of documents and entry into the exclusion zone
  • 10:30 - Study, study tour of the Chernobyl zone
  • 14:00 - Clean Environment lunch in the dining room «Chernobyl special plant». All products are tested and delivered from ecologically clean regions
  • 15:00 - Continuation of familiarization trips and cognitive Chernobyl zone
  • 17:00 - End of familiarization trips and cognitive. We leave the Chernobyl exclusion zone and. Passage of radiation monitoring and exit in Kiev
  • 19:00 - Arrival in Kiev

Tour begins with a visit to the office «Chernobylinterinform» introductory lecture about the Chernobyl tragedy, the Exclusion Zone, Chernobyl modern life.
No less interesting and are forecast for the future. Also listen to a short course of conduct during the tour. On the way to Chernobyl photo-stop at the monument «To those who saved the world» - courageous firemen of Chernobyl.
On the way to Chernobyl we get into a 10-kilometer exclusion zone through the checkpoint, «Leliv». We make a circle around Chernobyl and stop at the gates of the 4th power unit at a special viewing platform with views of the object «Shelter» - a concrete-steel shelter, covering radioactive masses and debris after the explosion, and a memorial to the heroes of Chernobyl.
Make and deserted ghost town of Pripyat. Will visit the most interesting objects in the town: a school, a swimming pool «Azure», hotel «Polesie», a cultural center, a stadium «Avangard», an amusement park, and once houses. During the tour you will be able to make wonderful pictures and hear about life in the city before the accident, about the evacuation and the city's history to present times.
After lunch we will visit Chernobyl and get acquainted with all its attractions. Among them, the Holy Temple Ilyinsky that August 9, 2009 celebrated its 240th anniversary. The river port, where there were many structures and old ships.

The price includes:

  • How to get a comfortable bus
  • Making an entry permit
  • Maintenance of licensed guide throughout the journey
  • Insurance

The price does not include:

  • Lunch (80grn)

When ordering, specify:

  • Passport data of each participant (Name, date of birth, passport series and number, citizenship)
  • Profession
  • Contact Number
  • Application to visit the Chernobyl zone is served at least 10 days prior to arrival

It is important to:

  • All sightseers must be 18 or older with no medical contraindications to visit areas of high ionizing radiation
  • Not available to individuals in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or hangover
  • During the tour is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and drugs
  • It is also forbidden to carry in a zone any weapons
  • Clothes should be tight and closed as long sleeves, closed shoes, preferably with thick soles
  • Not allowed: short pants, shorts, skirts and open shoes, clothes with short sleeves
  • Entry into the zone is permitted only with a passport