Тур «Festival Derunov in Korosten»

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Продолжительность: 1 day

Транспорт: автобус

Route: Kiev - Korosten - Kiev
  • Korosten - Forgotten Capital Drevlyanians, the old town
  • Military and historical complex "The Rock" - the secret object of "Stalin's bunker"
  • Korostenevsky Museum
  • Festival Derunov in Korosten "Long live the potato pancakes!"
  • Beautiful park them. Ostrowski
  • Baths of Princess Olga
  • Master class from the Mayor of Korosten "Potato pancakes from the Mayor"
  • "Patent taster." Patent costs 100 USD. Uniqueness Patent - taste it as much as Deruny
    7.00 - Departure from Kiev by the comfortable bus
    • Moving to Korosten - the capital of a forgotten Drevlyanians
    • Walking tour of their beautiful park. Ostrowski, visiting the baths of Princess Olga
    Tour of historic military complex "The Rock" - the secret object of "Stalin's bunker"
    Excursion to Korostenevsky Museum
    IV International Festival of potato pancakes, a program of the festival: the festival we will spend approximately 4 hours
    Opening ceremony of the IV International Festival Derunov (camera required)
    Gala II All-Ukrainian competition "Play, Accordion!"
    School derunyarstva: Master class from the Mayor of Korosten "Potato pancakes from the Mayor"
    • Recipes potato pancakes and their presentation of the participants of the festival "Potato pancakes, Glory!"
    • «Potato pancakes all over the country, unite!" - Ukrainian Family Derunov
    • Solemn rewarding participants' Festival Derunov, "which won in competitive programs
    • Visit to Kyiv (Kiev in the arrival at 19:00)


Program Description:
Korosten - Forgotten Capital Drevlyanians. Mighty principalities claimed the capital of Russia. According to legend, an old Duchess Olga had burned the city, tied to the pigeons embers. In this way, she avenged the death of her husband's well-known Kyiv Prince Oleg, whose army was destroyed by the army Drevlyanians. Princess Olga loved the beautiful and quiet place of the current park them. Ostrovsky and river Oh, and she arranged for bathing and marked by a monument to Princess Olga.
Nearby is the historic military complex "Rock" or the secret object of "Stalin's bunker" built as a fortified command post Korosten multimeter in the rock. Military and historical complex "The Rock" are absolutely protected from representatives of the commanders of destruction during the Second World War. Well-designed system of air purification and ventilation systems provide an opportunity to be in the bunker for a long time. Among the exhibits unique and interesting baby mask, gas mask for horses and a collection of German and Soviet weapons during the Second World War.
City Museum presented an interesting exposition of the era Drevlyanians to the modern era. Collection of the City Museum replenished unique finds and museum staff will soon be established historical-archaeological reserve "Ancient Iskorosten."
However, the year of the "Festival Derunov", held in Korosten times a year, on September 10 it was on that date. And what of the festival delicious Potato pancakes cook or just take in the left hand knot, in which a piece of delicious Salza da freshest bunch onion and buhanochku vkusneyshgo bread. A right hand - the home potatoes and enjoy a delicious trip with friends or relatives. Do not forget this holiday home, invite your friends and people close to you, then they do not just thank you for that. And the holiday "Long live the potato pancakes!" Where you can take part in competitions, concerts, competitions, master - classes held at the "Festival Derunov".
WARNING! At the "Festival Derunov" available "Patent taster." Patent costs 100 UAH. and gives the right to participate in the tasting all kinds of Derunov the "Festival Derunov" all participants and deliver the best examples of assessment potato pancakes, the results will be announced in the outcome of the festival. Uniqueness Patent - taste it as much as Deruny all day with each member of the "Festival Derunov" wants to appease the taster and treats cooking meals and alcoholic drinks. Gusto!
The price includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Tour escort
  • a guide for the whole route
  • Transport support in a comfortable bus route

Not included:

  • Entrance fees to excursion sites (about 20 USD)
  • «Patent taster" (UAH 100)