Тур «The city on seven hills»

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Продолжительность: 3 hours

Транспорт: автобус

Tour to Kiev, EXCURSIONS, visit «The City on Seven Hills»
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Route: st. Yaroslav Val - st. Rifle - st. Vladimir - Michael's Square - st. Khreshchatyk - st. Grushevskogo - st. January Uprising - st. Kutuzov - st. Shchorsa - st. Fedorov - st. Protasov Yar - st. Volgograd - st. Leo Tolstoy.
Length: 3:00
Kiev called the city on seven hills, but the modern city covered about twenty low mountains. Excursion acquaints with "biography" of Kiev hills and mountains, reports about their role in the formation of a unique and distinctive shape of the city, about man's interaction with the environment.
Appreciate the complexity of the relief of Kiev, enjoy amazing landscapes, the unique nature of the Dnipro slopes will route trips.
The itinerary includes access to several scenic areas where, clearly visible relief of the city and its use in various stages of development of Kyiv and in our time.