Тур «Oblique caponier»

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Продолжительность: 3 hours

Транспорт: пешеходная

Collection of the entrance to the Kyiv Fortress (near-banks). Squint caponiers Address - Street Hospital 24.

In 1844 a new system of fortifications hospital building in Kiev, built the fortress Oblique caponier. The fortress with thick walls of brick and stone, is a semi-underground building with walls located at the loopholes and embrasures. For strategic superiority, the aerial part of the fortress Oblique caponier appeared on the slopes of Mount Cherepanova. Earthen wall of the fortress Oblique caponier, for convenience of reference flanovogo artillery positioned at an angle so called "oblique." The fortress was used to store supplies and artillery weapons. But since the 1860s Oblique caponier was turned into a prison for political prisoners to brutal regime, for which he was nicknamed "Kiev Shlisselburg." Members of the Polish uprising of 1863 were the first prisoners caponiers Squint, and the commanders of the Polish rebel forces were killed in the fortress wall. Risen Selenga regiment in 1905 and the battalion in 1907, became prisoners Kosoy caponier. The most active participants in the uprising of 1907 were shot in Diagon caponier. In our tour of the oblique caponiers you will plunge into the atmosphere of those difficult times will pass through the dark cellars and corridors of the fortress, you will learn why the oblique caponier never participated in the battles of known political prisoners, death row will see the carriage in which they were sent to the penalty, the conditions in jail.

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