Тур «Pochaevskaya Laurel»

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Продолжительность: 1 day

Транспорт: автобус

Excursion to Pochaev, Pochayiv Lavra, St. Pochaev Dukhovskoi monastery, the monastery, the source of St. Anne, the mountain of God, in tour Kremenets, Holy Epiphany Convent Kremenetskiy
 Pochayiv Lavra - one of the most majestic places of pilgrimage in Ukraine. Shrine of the Orthodox world, second in importance in the Ukraine after the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
 Memorable days in Pochaev:
 August 5 - Day Pochaev Mother of God
 August 28 - Day of the Dormition
 September 10 - Day of St. Job.
 Route: Kiev - Pochaiv - Kremenets - Onyshkovtsy - Kiev.

 • Pochayiv Lavra
 • Pochaev St. Dukhovskoi monastery-hermitage
 • Lake St Anne
 • Monastic cemetery
 • Holy Epiphany Convent Kremenetskiy

 Check-out date (Friday)
21.45 - Meeting with the guide

22.00 - Departure from Kiev-comfortable bus (CD / DVD, microphone, air conditioning, soft seat).

1 day (Saturday)

5.00 - Arrive at the territory of the Lavra Pochayiv. Tour begins with a visit to Pochayiv Lavra - one of the largest monasteries of the Orthodox world. According to legend, Laurel was founded in 1527 Here you will be able to touch, to the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Pochaev. By stone on the right foot after the Mother of God. Dial from a holy water. And also visit the caves where the relics of St. Job and St. Amphilochius. Visit the Morning Service. Free time.

10.00 - Next, go to the Holy Dukhovskoi Pochaev Monastery, the monastery is situated on one of the Pochaev mountains, near the monastery. Here are the Miraculous Icon: Our Lady of Kazan, Iver, Fedorov and Surety of Sinners, the relics of St. Methodius, the cross Nikita the Stylite and the well from which you can collect the holy water. Holy Monastery Dukhovskoi-skit many pilgrims visit from all over our land and want to find this cure.

11.00 - Transfer to the monastic cemetery. In the monastic cemetery of the feeling that time has stopped. Here is preserved the tomb of St. Amphilochius and crucifixion, when applied to the crucifixion of a hand, you can feel the radiant heat, pray and ask St. Amphilochius for help. At the grave the same consecrated sand, which are taken in specially for the bags and if necessary, is applied to ailing areas with a prayer for healing.

12.00 - Transfer to the source of St. Anne, where the same is the miraculous icon of St. Anne. The temperature is always kept in the source of -6 degrees. In any weather dipped into the source of the faithful of St. Anne in the hope to gain health. A particular source of St. Anne helps those who pray the child's birth.

14.00 - Transfer to Kremenets. Dinner.

15.00 - City-bus tour of Kremenets. There is Holy Epiphany Convent Kremenetskiy
. The monastery is a miraculous icon of Our Lady of Mourning. Near the icons are asked to get rid of sorrow and grief.

16.00 - Departure to Kiev.

23.00 - Arrival in Kiev.

The price includes:

  • How to get a comfortable bus (CD / DVD, microphone, air conditioning, soft seat)
  • Guide-a guide
  • Accompanying services from the company
  • Insurance

Additional costs:

  • lunch (40UAH)
  • Souvenirs
  • Supplementary feeding
  • The filing of briefs (2 UAH.), Candles (from UAH 1.), A shirt for swimming (30 USD)., Communion bread (2 USD)

Note: Since all of these shrines are closed religious institutions in their territories is subject to certain rules:

  • Women are forbidden to enter the territory in a skirt or trousers above his knees, with no head covering (scarves and skirts can be hired).
  • Do not smoke, swear, photographed in an embrace.

With a desirable: an empty bottle for a set of holy water, for bathing shirt, comfortable shoes and clothing for the weather, a small pillow for more comfortable moving on the bus.

The Company reserves the right to change the order of viewing excursion sites, or to replace them with equal value.