Тур «Balloon flight Kiev»

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Продолжительность: 1 day

Транспорт: automobile

  •  Flying in a balloon - a bright, colorful and unforgettable sight!
  •  Flying in a balloon - a sea of ​​thrills, the beauty and romance.
  •  Flying in a balloon - a sea of ​​emotions and memories not only for one year!

Cherished and seemingly impossible dreams of childhood are carried out today. Ballooning ocean will give an unforgettable experience, a charming and romantic spirit of the colorful spectacle will always be in memory, and will accompany you for many years. To experience the true oneness with nature, to touch the sky, a chance to drop the fear and uncertainty, find wings and no longer look with undisguised envy at the birds - all this becomes possible in the air ball. None of the airliner did not give such a bright and close to the sun, so a lot of fresh, clean air around such a soul-sensation of flight. See how the ball is filled with hot air, and grows to tremendous size to the eyes, to rise up and see far below, a light haze wrapped a familiar ground with a bird's-eye, fill a clean cool air the lungs and slowly swim in the ocean of infinite free space - the kind of freedom gives only a balloon. Merry Company, conquering the heavens, a self-fulfilling childhood dreams, the only sounds torch and a sense of freedom and power over the world - a cocktail of adrenaline and oxygen to provide excellent mood and a lot of unique emotions. Sky - the best place in the world for declarations of love, the sky is changing itself world, the sky - alluring and unique turns any day into a memorable holiday. Give a sky themselves or loved ones - a gift to turn any man into a desperate romantic. 

Our friends at livejournal and Facebook are special conditions for balloon flight.
In the event program:
  • Includes delivery to the place of safety in a car
  • Full of instruction and clarification of the flight mission,
  • The 
    unforgettable impression of a direct flight and departure fees and back to town.
  • To conquer the air spaces can be around the 
    cities of Vasilkov, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky, the White Church (arboretum "Alexandria"), Kamenetz-Podolsk, Chernigov.
  • All 
    ammunition and equipment for the flight included in the tour price.

Prices for services are listed below:

Number of people Morning Price, Evening Price,
Balloon flight 2 people 414 414
Balloon flight 3 people 452 470
Balloon flight 4 people 490 546

Price includes:

  •      Necessary ammunition and equipment for the flight;
  •      Pre-coaching;
  •      Flying in a balloon;
  •      The traditional initiation into the balloonists.


  •      Dates and times of flight are discussed, as in strong wind or precipitation balls do not fly;
  •      Possible postponement of the date of flight, weather conditions, to another convenient date for you;
  •      Dress code - casual.