Тур «Old town»

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Продолжительность: 3 hours

Транспорт: пешеходная

This tour:

  • Golden Gate
  • street. Yaroslav Val
  • Square. Lviv
  • street.
  • street. Musketeers
  • street. Zhytomyrska
  • street. Vladimir
  • street. Tithe
  • Square. Mikhailovskaya
  • street. Small Zhytomyr

The city center of Kiev - is a historic part of town. This is where are the legendary Golden Gate and the majestic Cathedral of St. Sophia. Next, you will see St. Michael's Monastery, the famous St. Andrew's Church and visit the Old Kiev Hill, from which began the history of our city. At the time of the formation of Kievan Rus', the upper part of Kiev was the stronghold of the prince's power and strength - there were the governmental residence, then met with ambassadors and honorary guests.
You can imagine what our city used to be, to see him today, as well as to travel in his future!

Minimum group: 10 people

The price includes:

  • Excursions