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Pilgrimage tours to holy places in Ukraine
There is a suggestion in the religious world, that prayer is more effective in certain places, in one way or another connected with the history of religion. And the blessing of God in the search for a long time the faithful go to pilgrimage tours. Pilgrims visit not only temples, churches, monasteries, and holy rivers, lakes, etc.
In a separate area of ​​tourism pilgrimage tours to Ukraine stood out recently. However, the Ukrainian lands can be rightfully called the cradle of Orthodoxy. Since ancient times, there was built a great number of churches, cathedrals and monasteries of great beauty with a high dome and melozvuchnymi bells.
Tourist company «Ukrainian Tour» invites you to visit some interesting pilgrimage tours to Ukraine. You can not only visit the holy places, but also learn about the turbulent history, the legends of the mysterious and beautiful traditions of ancient monasteries and temples, their figures, wonder-working icons, etc. All the pilgrims during the pilgrimage tour can «defend» the church service, a blessing, communion .
The holy places of Ukraine
The main shrine of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy is considered to be the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, founded in 1051. Now the complex is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On campus there are several historical and cultural museums, including the famous «Museum of Scythian gold». That is why almost all pilgrimage tours in Kiev start here.
Magnificent pilgrimage tour is a trip to Pochayiv Lavra - the stronghold of the Christian faith. According to legend, after the capture of Kiev by Batu Khan in the middle of the XIII century, the Kiev-Pechersk monks took refuge on the mountain near the river Pochayna, which to them was the Mother of God, leaving their mark on the stone. At this point, start to trickle healing water. It is in Pochayiv Lavra are cross Nikita Stylites, the miraculous icon of Our Lady, relics of St. Methodius, and many other shrines.
No less interesting are the tours «The Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk» and «Cheernigov to holy places».
Orthodox pilgrimage tours - not just a tour, a kind of religious activity, it is important that all Christians have been set up during the journey to spiritual cleansing and renewal. It was then that this tour will truly be meaningful and useful. www.ukrainiantour.com/en/toursout/palomnicheskie-poezdki-i-tury/