Тур «Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk»

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• Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk;
• Church of the Convent;
• St. John the Baptist Church;
• Alekseevskaya church;
• Church Ave Anthony and Theodosius;
• Nicholas Church;
• Holy Ascension Cathedral;
• Cathedral of the Annunciation;
• Mount Kremenets;
• Sandy healing spring;

1 day

Group Meeting at the railway / train station Slavyanska.
Send a comfortable bus for a tour of one of the three major shrines of Ukraine - Church of the Lavra. Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk - referred to as the beginning of the XVI century "Holy Mountains" is located in an amazingly beautiful area. It preserved the spirit of almost all eras of the Middle Ages, the Golden Horde and the Khazar Khanate. In the 20's. Church of the XVII century the monastery was called the Blessed Virgin Desert, it is known from the Holy Mountain petitions letters to Tsar Mikhail Federovichu elders. External threat from the south, especially the territory of the Crimean Khanate, identified Prolonged and development of the monastery just inside the chalk cliffs, and kept up to date. The first church of the monastery Svyatogorsk (Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk) originally was called the Church of the Blessed Virgin. At the end of the XVII century the church was named in honor of St.. Nicholas Mir Lycian, because according to legend was here, in the Cretaceous pole, the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas, who became the most famous shrine of the monastery in the XIX century. The image itself was not preserved after the closing of the monastery in 1922. From the middle of the XIX century is called John the Baptist church. The most noticeable feature of the church is the pillar of chalk, which is based on a set of caves height 3.5 meters. Another feature of the temple is a lack in the traditional sense of the altar. In the eastern wall of the cut two niches, the central of which symbolizes the place of the throne, and left the altar. In medieval monasteries, deserts, lost in the backwoods, the monks ascetics correlated place salvation of his soul with the image of "Pesher parlor," the last refuge of the body of Christ - "the Holy Sepulchre." Near the temple, on the east side, to retain the three cells with the remnants of the Cretaceous lezhanok, this is the first residential premises of the monastery. However, there is a unique cell, it is of more recent origin - I half of the XIX century, which has direct access to the ancient temple with a pillar. There in 1850 took refuge in seclusion Schemamonk John (born Ivan Kryukov) and lived there for 17 years until 1867. Yes, it has become famous Church of St. John the Hermit in the XIX century miracles of healing the sick and canonized in the XX century. The day of his memory celebrated at the Holy Dormition Monastery Svyatogorsk August 24 when a large concourse of pilgrims.
In 1859, after the burial of Archimandrite Arseny to the south of the tomb was dug a new cave church in the name of Alexei, the man of God. Survived to the present Alekseevskaya church. Among them are the best known underground church purchased, etc. Anthony and Theodosius. On the history of this church until 1846, little was known. The church was covered with earth and only a single failure testified to the existence of the dungeon. In 1844-1845 years the monks of the monastery Svyatogorsk cleared the cave and found the remains of the once former church here. Log in this underground church was made in the form of ornaments depicting St. icons arches and topped with three heads and crosses. At the entrance on both sides are shown full-length saints Anthony and Theodosius of Pechersk. Coverage of the church in honor of the saints of the
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Anthony and Theodosius was held August 30, 1846 Reverend Innocent (Borisov), Archbishop of Kharkov. Before entering the temple in 1847 was founded the cemetery to lay people - benefactors of the monastery and the monks in the main individual clergy Svyatogorsk monastery. Here are buried the princes Golitsyn, which were built two magnificent architecture of the tomb and pavilion over them at the entrance to the temple.
Nicholas Church - the Ukrainian Baroque masterpiece and the associated legend of the miraculous appearance of the church in one night, but the altar of the temple is associated with the caves of the Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk and this is where another temple, which, according to the Archimandrite Ioliya, was named and consecrated the Assumption in 1634.
Departure to Raisins.
Visit the highest point of Mount Kremyanets Kharkov land - which offers stunning views of the city and the largest collection of views of the Polovtsian stone women. Uvlekatelny viewing landmarks: Holy Ascension Cathedral (which stores the miraculous icon of Our Lady Peschanskaya), a Cossack of the Annunciation Cathedral (XVII century.) - Contemporary of the city. Moving to Peschanskii healing spring, you can collect the holy water and the possibility of bathing in the waters of the holy spring.
After the tour - lunch.
In the evening - departure in Slavyansk to / Railway station. Departure to Kiev.
Arrival in Kiev.
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• Shuttle route: Slavyansk-Svyatogorsk-Raisin-Slavyansk;
• Excursions to route;
• Entrance fees to sites on the program;
• Breakfast and lunch.
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• Travel Kiev - Slavyansk - Kyiv;
• Personal expenses.